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Science Fair

                                                                                                                                                      January 8th 2019



Dear Junior High Students and Families,

It’s time for Science Fair!

Students are asked at this time to select a topic by January 18th 2019. This first step of the process is to be handled carefully as it is the way to ensure a pleasant journey learning and building upon a structured process.

To assist in the process, students have been given several key points, that I would like to share with the families as well. Additional documents will be posted during the week, so please check them out and feel free to communicate your questions when needed. Here are some key points to consider while selecting a topic.

  • The topic selected should be grade level appropriate.
  • It should respect safety guidelines, based on Riverside County Office of Education rules.
  • It’s advised to select an original topic or to be creative with approaching an old one.
  • It should be completed within the time frame (roughly the end of February for experimenting and researching and the end of March for final work and interview).
  • It should allow some type of measurement or data collection. An experiment is not a demonstration. Yet a simple demonstration could be creatively transformed into an experiment.
  • It should include no substance such as tobacco, alcohol, and explosive materials.
  • It should take under consideration the life of vertebrates.

Please note that I will return topics selected poorly and students will be at a disadvantage having to select again and start their experimentation later.

Let’s get thinking! And always remember that I’m here to help the best way I can!


Wishing you an exciting journey of learning!