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As a Catholic academic community, we recognize the parents as the primary educators of its children and we strive to extend and support their efforts. We believe that parents entrust their children to our care because their family goals and values are evident here at St. Francis de Sales Catholic School.


St. Francis de Sales School is a Catholic, Christian community in which each individual is encouraged to acquire knowledge, skills, and values in order to be happy and serve God, family, and society in a responsible way. We celebrate the uniqueness of each child's God given talents, intellectual abilities and learning styles by providing diverse opportunities to use and share these gifts.


The environment at St. Francis de Sales Catholic School is based on the teaching traditions and lived experiences of the Catholic Church. We believe that knowledge of our Catholic faith and frequent participation in the spiritual and sacramental life of the church will foster Gospel values in each student.



St. Francis de Sales School was established in 1918 when three Dominican Sisters from Texas came to Riverside at the request of the pastor, Rev. John Hegarty, to teach thirty-five students in grades one through six.


St. Francis de Sales School currently maintains preschool through eighth grade class levels.


The Dominican Sisters of Houston is a Catholic community of women whose mission is "to publicly commit ourselves to study and address the crucial justice issues of our times."

The sisters' active ministries include teaching and school administration, prayer, campus ministry, parish ministry and others.